Indentured Immigrants

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Flypaper Press, Ignacio, CA, soft cover, $19.95 reviewed by Gloria Trujillo Philip has self-published his book which has nine fact filled chapters of his Jewish family’s odyssey from Madeira, which is about 400 miles east of Casablanca Morocco, to the Sandwich Islands in 1885 aboard the Stirlingshire, a three-masted sailing ship. In the first three […]

The Portrayal of Crypto-Jews of the American Southwest

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Review of Literature For almost three decades, the story of the descendants of Jewish conversos or crypto-Jews of the American Southwest has been big news in the popular press. Everyone from the New York Times to Hadassah Magazine to the Forward has had a go at it on more than one occasion. Over the years, […]

Discovering My Crypto-Jewish Roots

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My name is Joe Arnold Trujillo. I am the first son and second child of Jeremias (Jerry) Trujillo and Maria Rosana (Mary Rose) Quintana. I was born on the farm of Felipe Quintana, my maternal grandfather, near Capulin, Colorado. Capulin is located in the San Luis Valley of south-central Colorado. The Rio Grande River, the […]

A Thread in the Tapestry –

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A Thread in the Tapestry –
The Narros of Saltillo, Mexico, in History and Literature
By Kathleen Alcalá

Papá’s Secret World

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I raced to the kitchen as soon as I heard the door open. I could hear my mamá’s footsteps creak across the wooden floor. She stood over the table panting. A small puff of chicken feathers rose above her head. “Did you kill it?” I felt upset that Mamá had to kill my pollito . […]

Herz Photos Document Presence Of Hidden Jews in New Mexico

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For almost three decades, intriguing stories have been published about descendants of the “secret” Jews of the American southwest—Sephardic Jews who escaped five hundred years ago from the Inquisitions in Spain and Portugal and found refuge in the northern reaches of New Spain . Almost always, any accompanying photographs have carried the credit line of […]

South Texas Hispanics Wear Fragile Masks

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Commentary from the Texas-Mexico Border Defection is considered treason and the birth of mistrust is born. An exception lives in the remnants of Crypto-Jewish descendants along the Texas border. Families who have discovered that their forefathers were of Jewish blood somehow have survived in managing to hold on to their traditions without the support of […]

How Did the Dreidle Become Part of Crypto-Jewish Culture of the Southwest?

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When is a top just a top? While the interdisciplinary study examining the existence of the crypto-Jewish community of the Southwest United States is less than twenty-five years old, it has already become a focus of scholarly controversy. Some scholars accept the authenticity of the Jewish heritage of the community, while others question the realities […]

Abuelita’s Secret Matzahs

Reviewed by Arthur Benveniste The pages of HaLapid have presented reviews of many books dealing with the history and culture of crypto Jews, some of them quite scholarly, others written in a more popular style, some fiction and some histories. But, until now, the books have been directed towards an adult readership. What a pleasure […]

Anousim Conference Meets

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Just two weeks after SCJS held its annual conference in Miami Beach, a similar conference convened in El Paso, TX, August 19-21. Titled “The Sephardic Anousim Conference,” it was hosted by local Congregation B’nai Zion. El Paso is a city with a strong crypto-Jewish presence and Rabbi Stephen A. Leon of Congegation B’nai Zion has […]

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