Recent Events:

2021: 30th Annual Conference – October 3rd & 4th 2021: A two-day event that featured panels, keynotes, a special David M. Gitliz Memorial Panel, and oannaul Martin Sosin and Stanley Hodres lectures. See below for access to recording of events.

SESSION 1: Sunday, October 3rd at 12pm EDT

Welcome – Cynthia Seton-Rogers, President, SCJS
Opening Greetings and David M. Gitlitz Emerging Scholar Award Presentation
Debbie Wohl-Isard, Past President, SCJS

Special Panel: Remembering David Gitlitz
Chair: Debbie Wohl-Isard

Panel Participants:
Isaac Amon
Doreen Carvajal
Joe Lovett
Hélène Jawhara Piñer
Silvia Hamui Sutton

Click here to view the recording of Session 1

SESSION 2: Sunday, October 3rd at 2pm EDT

Annual Stanley M. Hordes Distinguished Scholar Lecture
Chair: Seth Ward

Prof. Ronnie Perelis, Chief Rabbi Dr. Isaac Abraham and Jelena (Rachel) Alcalay Chair in Sephardic Studies,
Yeshiva University

“Singing the Lord’s Song in the Lands of Captivity: New Insights from the recovered Carvajal Manuscripts”

Click here to view the recording of Session 2

SESSION 3: Sunday, October 3rd at 4pm EDT

Trends in the Genealogy of Crypto-Judaic Studies
Chair: Corinne Brown

Panel Participants:
Schelly Talalay Dardashti
Genie Milgrom
Adam Brown

Click here to view the recording of Session 3

SESSION 4: Monday, October 4th at 12pm EDT

Martin Sosin Address to Advance Scholarship in the Crypto-Judaic Arts

Chair: Cynthia Seton-Rogers

Panel Participants:
Dr. Enric Madriguera, Russell Cleveland Professor of Guitar Studies,
The University of Texas at Dallas:

“Echoes of Sefarad: Music as a Vehicle of Memory, and Anchor of Identity”

Click here to view the recording of Session 4

SESSION 5: Monday, October 4th at 2pm EDT

Crypto-Jewish Literature
Panel Chair: Doreen Carvajal

Panel Participants:
Kathleen Alcalá, “From Samizdat to Cookbooks: A Fleeting Overview of Crypto-Judaic Publishing”
Corinne Brown, Author, Editor and Speaker about Crypto-Jews Ron Hart“Ethnohistory and Crypto-Jews”
Claudia Long, “Writing about Crypto-Jews”

Click here to view the recording of Session 5

SESSION 6: Monday, October 4th at 4pm EDT

Annual Membership Meeting

Cynthia Seton-Rogers, SCJS President