Society for Crypto-Judaic Studies Events

While we hope to be able to gather in person next year for a more traditional conference, this year we will host a virtual mini-conference with special invited panels. We are presenting these presentations to you free of charge, but donations of any size are very much appreciated and can be made by clicking here. 

Recent Events:

2021: 30th Annual Conference – October 3rd & 4th 2021: A two-day event that featured panels, keynotes, a special David M. Gitliz Memorial Panel, and oannaul Martin Sosin and Stanley Hodres lectures. See below for access to recording of events.

SESSION 1: Sunday, October 3rd at 12pm EDT

Welcome – Cynthia Seton-Rogers, President, SCJS
Opening Greetings and David M. Gitlitz Emerging Scholar Award Presentation
Debbie Wohl-Isard, Past President, SCJS

Special Panel: Remembering David Gitlitz
Chair: Debbie Wohl-Isard

Panel Participants:
Isaac Amon
Doreen Carvajal
Joe Lovett
Hélène Jawhara Piñer
Silvia Hamui Sutton

Click here to view the recording of Session 1

SESSION 2: Sunday, October 3rd at 2pm EDT

Annual Stanley M. Hordes Distinguished Scholar Lecture
Chair: Seth Ward

Prof. Ronnie Perelis, Chief Rabbi Dr. Isaac Abraham and Jelena (Rachel) Alcalay Chair in Sephardic Studies,
Yeshiva University

“Singing the Lord’s Song in the Lands of Captivity: New Insights from the recovered Carvajal Manuscripts”

Click here to view the recording of Session 2

SESSION 3: Sunday, October 3rd at 4pm EDT

Trends in the Genealogy of Crypto-Judaic Studies
Chair: Corinne Brown

Panel Participants:
Schelly Talalay Dardashti
Genie Milgrom
Adam Brown

Click here to view the recording of Session 3

SESSION 4: Monday, October 4th at 12pm EDT

Martin Sosin Address to Advance Scholarship in the Crypto-Judaic Arts

Chair: Cynthia Seton-Rogers

Panel Participants:
Dr. Enric Madriguera, Russell Cleveland Professor of Guitar Studies,
The University of Texas at Dallas:

“Echoes of Sefarad: Music as a Vehicle of Memory, and Anchor of Identity”

Click here to view the recording of Session 4

SESSION 5: Monday, October 4th at 2pm EDT

Crypto-Jewish Literature
Panel Chair: Doreen Carvajal

Panel Participants:
Kathleen Alcalá, “From Samizdat to Cookbooks: A Fleeting Overview of Crypto-Judaic Publishing”
Corinne Brown, Author, Editor and Speaker about Crypto-Jews Ron Hart“Ethnohistory and Crypto-Jews”
Claudia Long, “Writing about Crypto-Jews”

Click here to view the recording of Session 5

SESSION 6: Monday, October 4th at 4pm EDT

Annual Membership Meeting

Cynthia Seton-Rogers, SCJS President